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About us

Poitín formed in 1996 and are an award-winning traditional Celtic band from Pilsen in the Czech Republic. All the members are Czech apart from the singer and bodhrán player who is originally from Brighton in the south of England. They explore all forms of Celtic music but are firmly grounded in the pub session tradition and like nothing better than sitting round a table in the corner of a cosy pub playing old favourites about tarry sailors, merry maids and drunken nights. Poitín have performed at festivals across Europe in Italy, France, Denmark, Poland, Germany and the Czech Republic.



Jeremy King (since 1998) – Vocals, bodhrán, spoons
While studying art in Brighton, England he started playing 12-string guitar made by his father and singing in The Bodley Head Ceilidh Band. After the band split up he ran the Bear Cave Art Gallery. One summer he hitchhiked to the Czech Republic with a friend to work as a gardener in a chateau and met the girl of his dreams at a dance party in nearby Prague.He became an English teacher, met Kuba in a smoky pub and played some tunes from his old ceilidh band, started singing with Poitín, got married and his first child was born (in roughly that order). He still paints – Poitín have played at several of his private views. He cites his musical influences as Steeleye Span, the Levellers, Martin Carthy, Bowie and obscure 1960s psychedelic bands...
Jaroslav ‘Oto’ Macháček (since 1996) – Fiddle
Founder of the band. He learned to play violin at the local folk music school and then taught himself the guitar. He went back to playing the fiddle with folk band Mnohotváři (Many Faces) (1989-1990). Then for a long time played guitar with the jazz band Yuppkins (1991-1997) and in the Pilsen Big Band (1995-1997). Around that time, he first heard the Chieftains and fell in love with traditional Irish music. So, he dusted offhis fiddle and started to learn jigs and reels, and the rest is history...
Alexandra ‘Sasha‘ Marešová (since 2007) – Whistles and flutes
When she was a little girl she envied her brother who could play the flute. She started to play in secret by herself and when her parents realized that she was quite good, they finally sent her to music school. She played in lots of different groups at school and spent several fantastic years in a youth orchestra. She first heard Irish music one spring day when her dad gave her a Chieftains CD as a name’s day present. She says, ‘Poitín have shown me how to play real Irish music and welcomed me with open arms.’
Jan ‘Honza‘ Brabec (since 1999) – Bouzouki, banjo, vocals
He took piano lessons at the local folk music school when he was 6. Despite inheriting musical genes from both his grandfathers, he hated practicing so much that his parents gave up on him. He returned to music when he was 13, playing guitar in various folk outfits, but found that he preferred instrumental music, and on hearing Irish music he was captivated by it. He danced in a traditional Czech dance group with Kuba for 8 years, and it was thanks to Kuba that he joined Poitín. He started playing the mandolin and then moved on to Irish bouzouki, four-string tenor banjo with Irish tuning, and tin whistle.
Jakub Siegl (since 1998) – Guitar, vocals
He’s always been surrounded by music as he comes from a musical family. First he only learned passively, and then learned music in the school choir. His first instrument was the piano, but when he only got a B grade for it at the end of the year, he got angry and decided to take up a different instrument, the guitar. His dad (also a guitarist) kept a close eye on his daily training. This lasted for several years until he realized that he really loved the instrument, for which he must thank his father. And this is also when he met a member of Poitín in a pub, the former drummer Tonda Mužík, in a slightly inebriated state, and after a long chat he persuaded him to come along to a band rehearsal. They’d met a year earlier in Český Krumlov at a session and since then he’d wanted to get closer to that kind of music, and then he met Tonda again. And since then... well, the rest you can read about from Honza, as their paths have crossed many times.

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